The Hypertext Annotated Bastiat

A Hypertext Annotated Edition of Selected Works of FrÉdÉric Bastiat,
with Notes, Texts, and Glossaries, and
A detailed Readers Guide to his Works

Place Bastiat in Mugron Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850) Map of the baricades erected in the streets of Paris in June 1848

Created: 1 July, 2017
Updated: 24 December, 2017

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The Hypertext Annotated Bastiat (TAB) is an experiment in laying out a complex collection of texts which is designed to be read online. I suggest you begin learning about Bastiat and his ideas by reading the Readers' Guide (in the "About Bastiat" section) which us divided into four parts:

Then I suggest you begin exploring some of his major writings (we have 24 to date here) which have been extensively annotated with notes, glossaries, and appendices. These are designed to explain the historical, political, and economic context in which he wrote, the origin and significance of some of his key and original ideas, and some of the linguistic issues which face the translator. The basic idea is to read the text in the central frame while calling up when necessary the notes (which are displayed on the left) and the glossaries and appendix entries (which are displayed on the right). Larger format material such as maps of the area and economic data tables (showing government budget information) can be viewed in another table (top right), as can chronologies and other guides (in the bottom section).

The Reasons behind this Design

The problem with long and heavily annotated books is that the reader is constantly flipping pages to read material at the back of the book (such as appendices, glossaries, and bibliographies), or detailed footnotes are abbreviated in order to save space and not clutter the main page. This means that one gets distracted from the matter at hand, which is to read the text.

The texts are presented in a three frame or "box" format using the "iFrame" code to insert blocks of HTML into this file. The boxes float left, centre, and right. The left hand box contains endnotes for the main texts which are displayed in the centre box, while the right box contains supplementary material from the glossaries and appendices. Another box at the bottom is wider in order to accommodate essays about the author's life and work, mosdt notably the "Reader's Guide to the Works of Bastiat". The endnotes have been linked and "targeted" to the relevant box/frame. The crossreferences to the Glossaries and Appendices are incomplete as there are so many. See the Economic Sophism ES2 11 "The Utopian" [TAB ] [scroll down to middle section] as an example of what I have in mind.

My aim is to let the reader explore the works of Bastiat in the middle section and to be able to see the endnotes and glossaries entries to either side with as little distraction as possible. The reader having consulted the notes or glossaries can then continue reading where they left off.

The bottom section is designed to allow the reader to expore some essays and guides which analyse Bastiat's ideas or the historical context in which he lived in more detail. At any time the reader can return to Bastiat's own works which are displayed in the middle section. If there is a link to one of Bastiat's works in the Reader's Guides, clicking on it will open that work in the middle section so the reader can explore it in more detail. They can then return to the Reader's Guides below to continue reading about Bastiat.

Perhaps one day the Complete Works of Bastiat will be available in this format. In the mentime, we only have a selection of some of his more important works in order to demonstrte the principles involved. Links to main collection of Bastiat texts at the OLL website will be indicated with this symbol: OLL (clicking on which will open a new browser window), and links to Bastiat's texts at this website by this symbol: TAB (you will stay on this page).

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About Bastiat (these files load by default when the page is opened):

Texts by Bastiat with Notes and Glossaries (middle section)

Essays and Guides about Bastiat (bottom section)




Bastiat's Texts with Notes and Glossaries
[Left: Endnotes; Middle: Texts (see above for details); Right: Glossaries, State & Economy, Further Aspects]

[The following essays have all the cross references in place as proof of concept: ES2 1 "The Physiology of Plunder", ES2 2 "Two Moral Theories", ES2 11 "The Utopian" and "Letter from an Economist to M. de Lamartine" (Feb. 1845).]



Guides to the Life and Thought of Bastiat
[Left: Endnotes; Right: Guides]

In addition to the main Readers' Guide to the Works of FB there are also: Liberty Matters discussion of the Thought of Bastiat | The Editor's Intro to the Economic Sophisms| The Life of Jacques Bonhomme, A Printer | An Illustrated Chronology of FB's Life | Bastiat: A Life in Pictures | A List of Bastiat's Complete Works in Chronological Order | French Government Budget data 1848-49