The Hypertext Annotated Molinari

A Hypertext Annotated Edition of Molinari's Le SoirÉes de la rue Saint-Lazare (1849),
with Notes, Texts, and Glossaries

Created: 7 July, 2017
Revised: 23 December, 2017

The Hypertext Annotated version of Les SoirÉes | French versions of the Book (PDF and HTML) | Essays and Guides about Molinari

Gustave de Molinari (1819-1912) TP of Les Soirées (1849) Claude Monet "Trains at Saint-Lazare Station" (1870?)


The Hypertext Annotated version of Molinari's Les SoirÉes (1849)

Left: Picture of GdM | Endnotes
Middle: Translation of Evenings on Saint Lazarus Street
Right: Glossaries (People, Places, Key Ideas, etc.) | Further Aspects | Note on the Sources

["Molinari's Preface" and "S11" have all the cross references in place as proof of concept.]



French versions of the Book (PDF and HTML)

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Guides to the Life and Thought of Molinari
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In this section we have the following guides to Molinari's life and thought: A Bio of Molinari | A Chronology of Molinari's Life and Work | Liberty Matters discussion of the Thought of Molinari | The Economic Thought of Molinari | The Life of Jacques Bonhomme, A Printer | Further Aspects of Molinari's Thought | A Bibliography of Molinari's Works | A Chronology of the Second Republic (1848-52) | French Government Budgets 1848-49