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These Leveller Tracts are a collection of Leveller Agreements of the People, Petitions, Remonstrances, and Declarations (1646-1659) which are some of the earliest attempts to draw up proto-constitutions to limit the power of government and defend the liberties of the people. They are available in an iFrame format or as individual pamphlets which can be viewed or downloaded separately (from here).

The collection includes the following:

Four Agreements of the People

  1. The First Agreement of the People (3 Nov. 1647)
  2. The Second Agreement of the People (15 December, 1648)
  3. The Officer's Agreement (20 January 1649)
  4. The Third Agreement of the People (1 May 1649)

Petitions of the People and the Army

  1. The Petition of March (1647) or The Large Petition
  2. The Army's Petition or "A Solemn Engagement of the Army" (5 June 1647)
  3. The Declaration of the Army (14 June 1647)
  4. The Petition of 23 Nov. 1647
  5. The Petition of 18/19 Jan. 1648
  6. The Petition of 11 Sept. 1648
  7. The humble Petition of firm and constant Friends to the Parliament (19 January 1649)
  8. The Women's Petition of 5 May 1649
  9. The Humble Petition of Several Colonels (18 October, 1654)

Other Documents such as Remonstrances (Complaints), Declarations, and Manifestoes

  1. [Richard Overton], A Remonstrance of Many Thousand Citizens, and other Free-born People of England, To their owne House of Commons (17 July 1646)
  2. [Richard Overton], An Appeale from the degenerate Representative Body the Commons of England assembled at Westminster (17 July 1647)
  3. Anon., A Remonstrance of the Shee-Citizens of London (21 August, 1647)
  4. Anon., The Mournfull Cryes of many thousand Poore Tradesmen (22 January, 1648)
  5. [William Walwyn], No Papist Nor Presbyterian (21 December, 1648)
  6. [Several Hands], The Hunting of the Foxes (21 March 1649)
  7. [Several Hands], A Manifestation from Lieutenant Col. John Lilburn et al. (14 April 1649)
  8. Anon., The Remonstrance of the Levellers in behalf of many Thousands of the Free-People of England (21 September, 1649)
  9. Anon., A Declaration of the Armie concerning Lieut. Collonel John Lilburn (14 February, 1651)
  10. [Several Hands], The Onely Right Rule for Regulating the Lawes and Liberties of the People of England (28 January 1652)
  11. Anon., The Fundamental Lawes and Liberties of England (9 July, 1653)
  12. Anon., The Leveller: Or The Principles & Maxims Concerning Government and Religion (16 February 1659)

An anti-Leveller satire

  1. [Anon.] The Remonstrance or, Declaration, of Mr. Henry Martin, and all the whole Society of Levellers (25 September, 1648)