An Introduction to the Classical Liberal Tradition

[Created: December 17, 2011]
[Updated: January 17, 2017]


Concept Map of Classical Liberalism



I have the following guides to the history of the classical liberal tradition:

"Liberal Europe and Social Change, 1815-1914" (1987): The first course I ever taught was a full year course at the University of Adelaide in the Department of History called "Liberal Europe and Social Change, 1815-1914". It covered the intellectual history of European classical liberal thought in the context of the historical change during the century from the fall of Napoleon to the outbreak of the First World War. An alternate title might have been "The Decline and Fall of the European Classical Liberal Tradition." I taught the course for 10 years and put it online because it still might be useful to people who are interested in this intellectual tradition. [PDF 10.2 MB]