Le Libre-Échange (20 Nov. 1846 - 16 Avr. 1848)

The 1st issue no. 1 20 nov. 1846 The last issue no. 72 16 avr. 1848
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Le Libre-Échange. Journal du travail agricole, industriel et commercial. Première année, No. 1: 29 novembre 1846; No. 52: 21 novembre 1847. Edited by Frédéric Bastiat and Charles Coquelin.

The journal was originally scanned with 2 pages to the page. I have converted it to one page per page for easier reading.

Le Libre-Échange. Deuxième année, No. 1: 28 novembre 1848; No. 20: 16 avril 1848.

I have edited the original 2 pages to a page format to an easier to read 1 page per page format.

The last issue edited by Frédéric Bastiat was No. 12: 13 février 1848. Subsequent issues were edited by Charles Coquelin as Bastiat became increasingly busy during the revolution, editing and distributing the little magazine La République française and then standing for the April elections to the Constituent Assembly (which he won representing his home district of Les Landes).


Table of Contents (1st year only)