Comparative Editions of BoÉtie's Discourse

Note: This is part of a collection of material on and by La Boétie.

This page opens with the page images of the Mesmes Manuscript on the left, and the 1922 Bonnefon edition on the right. The idea is that you can compare different versions of the French text side-by-side, or different English translation, or French against the English.

The texts which can be compared:

  • Mesmes Manuscript (images of facs.): Left | Right
  • 1922 Bonnefon edition (HTML): Left | Right
  • 1577 Anonymous edition (images of facs.): Left | Right
  • 1735 "T. Smith" translation: HTML: Left | Right and/or Facs. PDF: Left | Right
  • 1942 Kurz translation (HTML): Left | Right
  • 1910 Landauer German translation: HTML: Left | Right