Knox Grammar School Jubilee (1924-1974)

Created: February 12, 2012
Updated: February 13, 2012


If found this record when going through my parents' effects in January 2012. I thought others might find it interesting. I plan to scan the covers and put the images online soon. The following is the information on the front and back covers of the album.

Personal Note: I attended Knox Grammar School between 1966 and 1974 (the year of the 50th Jubilee celebration).


The Music of Knox Grammar School (1974)

Know Grammar School, situated in beautiful surroundings at Wahroonga on Sydney's Upper North Shore is part of the Presbyterian Church of N.S.W.

It was established in 1924 by the acquisition of the property shown on the left hand side of this cover and an enrolment of 24 boys.

In the intervening 50 years it has grown into a vast and comprehensive institute of learning, encompassing primary and secondary levels with a total population of some fourteen hundred boys.

The modern buildings of 1974 - made possible by the generosity of Old Boys, Parents and Friends - may well be termed the Jubilee Buildings. However, the real purpose is what lies behind the facade and we of Knox Grammar School endeavour to fulfill at all times the significance of the school motto "VIRILE AGITUR".

The music of our school - produced on this album - is a tangible display of one part of this great school.

Side One: [m4a 16 mins 37 MB]

  1. Introduction - Dr. I. Paterson
  2. Drummers Call - arr. Miller; Scotland the Brave - Trad. arr. Gott; Caller Herrin' - Trad. arr. Gott
  3. Canterbury Tales - arr. A. Street
  4. March from 1st Suite in E Flat by gustave Holst - arr. S. Herbert

Side Two: [m4a 17 mins 40 MB]

  1. Brass Band Boogie - Siebert
  2. Green Hills of Tyrol - Trad.; When the battle is o'er - Trasd.
  3. Trumpet Voluntary - Purcell
  4. Norman Orr Ewing - Trad.; Keel Row - Trad.; Fairy Dance - Trad.; Loch Rannoch - Trad.
  5. Hot Punch - Trad.; Bonnie Dundee - Trad.
  6. Will Ye' No' Come Back Again - Trad.; Auld Lang Syne - Trad.

Recorded by RANGER RECORDINGS, 284 Victoria Ave., Chatswood, for Knox Grammar School, and produced by J. McConnell.