An Anthology of Leveller Tracts: Agreements of the People, Petitions, Remonstrances, and Declarations (1646-1659)

Created: 22 December, 2019
Updated: 23 December, 2019

John Lilbune in Jail: "The Liberty of the Freeborne English-Man, Conferred on him by the house of lords. June 1646."

The medallion is surrounded by the words "John lilburne. At the age of 23. The Year 1641." Made by G. Glo. Beneath is a poem which states:
Gaze not upon this shaddow that is vaine, But rather raise thy thoughts a higher straine, To GOD (I meane) who set this young man free, And in like straits, can eke (also) deliver thee. Yea though the lords have him in bonds againe LORD of lords will his just cause maintaine.

John Rushworth, A Petition from His Excellency Thomas Lord Fairfax And the General Councel of Officers of the Army, To the Honourable, the Commons of England in Parliament assembled, Concerning the Draught of An Agreement of the People For a secure and present Peace, by them framed and prepared. Together with the said Agreement presented on Saturuday, Jan. 20. And a Declaration of his Excellency and the said General Councel, concerning the same. Tendered to the Consideration of the people. By the Appointment of the Generall Councel of Officers of the Army. Signed John Rushworth, Sec. 
London, Printed for John Partridge, R. Harford, G. Calvert, and G. Whittington. 1649.

Introduction to the Collection

This collection of Leveller Tracts contains the main "Agreements of the People", Petitions, Remonstrances (or Complaints), and Declarations which were drawn up by Levellers between 1646 and 1659 in which they stated what they believed in, what changes they wanted Parliament to make, and declarations of what principles lay behind these demands. We also include an anti-Leveller satire to show how their opponents regarded these views and demands. They czn be viewed in this iFrame format or as individual pamphlets.


T.78 [1646.10.12] (3.18) Richard Overton, An Arrow against all Tyrants and Tyranny (12 October 1646).
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