James Harrington, A Proposition in order to the proposing of a Commonwealth or Democracy (1659)

James Harrington (1611–1677)  


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T.322 [1659??] James Harrington, A Proposition in order to the proposing of a Commonwealth or Democracy (1659) .


This HTML version comes from the 1771 edtiion edited by John Toland: The Oceana and Other Works of James Harrington, with an Account of His Life by John Toland (London: Becket and Cadell, 1771).

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c. 1659

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A PROPOSITION In order to the proposing of A Commonwealth or Democracy.

IF the parliament shall be pleased to appoint a committee to receive Mr. Harrington’s proposals for settling the government of this commonwealth, it is humbly proposed that unto the committee of the house may be added,

The Earl of Northumberland.

The Earl of Denbigh.

The Earl of Clare.

The Earl of Kingston.

The Duke of Buckingham

Lord Grey of Wark.

Lord Faulkeland.

Lord Lambert.

Lord Bronker.

Richard Nevil, Esq;

Mr. Nathaniel Fiennes.

Lord Mayor of London.

Alderman Titchborne.

Mr. Thurlo.

Mr. William Pierepoint.

Sir John Eveling.

Mr. Crew.

Mr. Anslo of Ireland.

Mr. Prynne.

Sir Paul Neal.

Sergeant Maynard.

Colonel Taylor.

Lord Broughal.

Mr. Hubard.

Mr. John Trevor.

Captain Adam Baynes.

Mr. Josias Bernards.

Mr. Samuel Moyer.

Mr. Anthony Samuel.

Major Wildam.

Mr. Maximilian Petty.

Mr. William Harrington.

Mr. Wren.

Mr. Baxter of Kidderminster.

Mr. Walwin.

Dr. Brooks.

Mr. Arthur Eveling.

Mr. Cook.

Dr. Ferne.

Dr. Haymond.

Dr. Owen.

Dr. Seaman.

Mr. Calamy.

Mr. Manton.

Captain Andrew Ellis.

Mr. Challinor Chute.

Mr. Sling[Editor: illegible character]y Bethel.

Sir Cheany Culpepper.

Sir Henry Blount.

Sir Horatio Townshend.

Sir Anthony Ashly Cooper.

Mr. Job Charleton.

Mr. Edward Waller.

Colonel Harloe.

Major Harloe

Colonel John Clark.

Mr. John Denham.

Mr. Morrice.

Mr. Hugh Bisscowen.

Sir George Booth.

Mr. Robert Roles.

Dr. Mills

Sir Orlando Bridgeman.

Mr. Robert Stevens.

Mr. William James.

Sir Justinian Isham.

Lieutenant Colonel Kelsey.

Sir Robert Honnywood.

Mr. Sedgwick.

Mr. Philip Nye.

Dr. Thomas Goodwin.

Colonel Lilburn.

Charles Howard, Esq;

Colonel Ashfield.

Sir Thomas Gower.

Lord Com. Bradshaw.

General Desborow.

Colonel James Berry.

Major William Packer.

Praisegod Barebones.

Sir William Waller.

Colonel Sanders.

Colonel Hatcher.

Colonel Edmond Salmon.

Colonel Francis Hacker.

Mr. Richard Knightley.

Colonel John Burch.

Mr. John Swynfen.

Mr. Thomas Bampfield.

Colonel John Okey.

Mr. William Kiffen.

Anthony Pierson.

Colonel Moss.

Mr. Frecheville of Stavely.

Mr. James Morley

Dr. Philip Carteret.

Captain Richard Dean.

Adjutant-General William Allen.

Mr. William Forester of Aldermarton.

Mr. Edward Harison.

Mr. Arthur Samwell.

Mr. Samuel Tull.

Mr. Edward Salloway

That this committee sit Tuesdays and Fridays, by three of the clock in the afternoon, in the banqueting-house, court of requests, or painted chamber, the doors being open, and the room well fitted for all comers; and that Mr. Harrington having proposed by appointment of the parliament, such others may propose as shall have the leave of the parliament.

This by friends of the commonwealth is proposed with Mr. HARRINGTON’s consent.

The Reasons for this Proposition are these:

IT is the fairest way of proposing a government, that it be first proposed to conviction, before it be imposed by power.

THE persons herein nominated being convinced, it must necessarily have an healing effect.